Our Story

Attainment Apparel is a premium gym wear brand founded in Brighton, UK in early 2015 by Sam Lillicrap & Ollie Downey. We both have an ongoing passion for health and fitness and decided we wanted to share that through creating a brand, community, and ultimately our clothing line to reflect that.

For us, the word attainment means so much more than just achieving an end result. More important than the end goal, it’s about embracing a positive mindset that enables you to sustain necessary motivation. It isn’t so crucial how long it takes you to attain – the pace of your journey is determined by you alone – but it is important to remember to enjoy the present moment, and know that you are bettering yourself with every step you take. This process helps you to develop optimum physical fitness, and equally as important, mental clarity and emotional stability.

Attainment Apparel was set up to encourage coming to know yourself physically and mentally – through pushing your limits in fitness and always striving to attain the best life style you possibly can. We have taken our passion and tried to apply it into our own unique clothing, using ‘The Fist’ emblem, which we feel reflects the values of a person with motivation to achieve their potential.

Focus on your aspirations, raise your expectations and become the stronger, healthier, happier version of yourself.